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the africa ladies




AFRICA after the London & Pittsburg G20s

The New Economic Parameters

strategies with the New European Commission and Parliament

April 7 to 10, 2010

Brussels - Belgium.


Patricia Faraut, President & Founder of Africa Femmes Performantes,Inc organization, attended the Crans Montana Forum on Africa which held in Brussels from April 7 to 10, 2010, to discuss African strategy with new European institutions. The topic of the forum was "Africa after the London & Pittsburgh G 20s: The New Economic Parameters".

Patricia Faraut participated in an Extraordinary Session of First Ladies under the theme, 'Promoting Women's Dignity'.


The Crans Montana Forum on Africa takes place every year and is renowned for its informal atmosphere that allows informal conversation among the most influential leaders with a stake in the region. The Crans Montana Forum on Africa brings together the most influential leaders in business, government and civil society and enables them to contribute towards making Africa a better place for Foreign Investment and Business and to shape a more humane Africa.

It is a forum for African as well as International Government Officials and Businesses to take the pulse of the most influential of Africa's stakeholders.


In this picture: jerry Rawlings former Président of the Republic of Ghana, Jean Paul Carteron founder of the Forum, First Lady of Mozambique Maria da Luz Dai Guebuza, Donald Kaberuka, president of Africa Developpment Bank. Honorable Dr. Hage. Geingob, Minister of Trade and Industry, Republic of Namibia.

 M. Jerry Rawlings, former president of Ghana, co-chaired the opening session of the forum on the theme Africa and the World Crises: prospects for tomorrow alongside Ambassador Jean-Paul Carteron, founder of the Forum. The former President also led a panel discussion on "The impact of the World Food Demand in Africa: addressing the Land Property issue".


Business and political personalities attending the forum include Mahamane Ousmane, Speaker of the Niger Parliament and President of the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Roy Maybud President of Energy giants, Energy Holding, Louis Sylvain Goma, former Prime Minister of Congo, Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein, former Afghan foreign minister and presidential candidate in the last elections, Abdullah Abdullah and Guinean Premier, Lansana Kouyate.

The First Ladies session brought together the likes of Ghana's Ernestina Naadu Mills, Albania's Teuta Topi, Chantal Compaore of Burkina Faso, Chantal Muzito Ngalula of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Fanta Kouyate of Guinea. The rest are Maria da Luz Dai Guebuza of Mozambique, Patience Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, Fouzia Raza Gilani of Pakistan and Princess Loulwa Al Faisal, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees of Effat University, Saudi Arabia.

This special program on "promoting women's dignity" was under the chair and with the participation of  Madam Irina Bokova, General Director UNESCO.

 Conclusions by speakers:


Ambassador Jean-Paul Carteron, founder of the Forum: The purpose of this meeting was to establish mechanisms that allow Africa to become a world-wide power.


Honorable Dr. Hage. Geingob, Minister of trade and Industry, Republic of Namibia: The future of Africa lies on south / south cooperation, there is a serious problem of redistribution, we cannot allow that Africa is rich, but people are poor.M. Donald Kaberuka,  President of the African Development Bank: There are so many conferences on Africa. Since we ask the wrong question, we will have the wrong answer. Asia is the leader of the Global economy and Africa economy growth is picking up in this G20 process with more than 3 representatives for the continent. The question of changing paradigm in Africa is essential, it is important to talk about the manner in which one can remodel Africa; the respect can appear only if it lies on the autonomy of the States in Africa.  Each country must be able to redefine its way for prosperity.  We are 1 billion men and women.  Africa must be a shine of growth and not a destination of permanent assistance.  During the crisis, the G20 asked us to redeploy our resources.

M. Terence Brow, General Director of European Investment Bank: We are in an era for the cooperation between Africa and Europe; equal partners, we must redefine what unite us; women must be integrated in the economico systems of countries, as well as private sector.  There must be more transparency in relationships and more coherence in working hand in hand.






Mrs. Diarra Mariam Flantie Diallo, Minister of Communication and New Technologies in Mali: underlined that the new technologies are essential for Africa, she reminded the Kigali outcomes of October 2007 whose purposes were to connect African countries with their borders and by 2015, to connect all the cities of Africa.  Intelligence and human brain is the thing  most shared; and Africans also hold  that intelligence to apply new technologies, which are one way of salvation for Africa.M. Youssouf Ouedraogo, Special Advisor to the President, African Development Bank. After a summary of various models of development that failed in Africa, the speaker asked why Africa only represents 2% of world market. Why Agoa, the Cotonou agreements, Lome agreements have not worked? He said that asking wrong questions will lead to wrong answers for solving problems in Africa. Mr Ouedraogo believes that they are prerequisites for addressing issues in Africa among wich the debt and recurrent conflicts and crisis. Besides that,there is the problem of exchange terms where African countries export raw material or resources cheaper and purchase expensive finished products from European countries. Africa should take her own destiny in her hands by asking the right questions herself. In this option, ADB (African Development  Bank) has redirected its focus on infrastructures, agriculture, hydraulic energy, and the promotion of regional integration to create scale economies. M. Turki Faisman, al Al Rasheed, Chairman Golden Grass, Saoudi  Arabia :Agricultural production must guaranty security in food so that crisis are avoided.This year, hunger has touched more than I billion people around the world, therefore all economic growth must take into account the production in agriculture. One of the solutions he offers is the promotion of small economic units in rural areas where wheat could be produced. Madame Flavia Palanza, Associate Director, European Bank of Investments, Luxembourg. For the years 2007-2013, her institution has set aside 5 billion of Euro to cover investments.400 millions for subsidies and training, access to the trust funds for infra structure between European Union and Africa. The objective of the bank is to establish relationships between public and private sectors since industries and economic integration are not possible without infrastructures. She then mentioned the importance of building toll roads that will generate revenues. She concluded by reminding the audience that funds are available to promote regional integration in Africa. 





 M. Sergey V. Kurilin, CEO, African Alliance, Russia : The main objectives of African alliance is to provide assistance in the expansion and improvement of multilateral cooperation between Russia and the African Countries, by strengthening business, production, technical and scientific assistance, cultural and economic relations.

On April 10, the first ladies of Africa and other countries participated to a special session whose focus was on the promotion of the dignity of the women. that session was presided by Mrs. Irina Bokova, General manager,UNESCO.

First lady of Nigeria, Mrs. Patience Goodluck Jonathan, said enough with speeches, it is time for action. Young girl’s education must be effective in our countries and women must be united if they want to have a positive impact in the society. When you educate women, you are also educating the entire nation.  

Her Royal Princess Loulwa al Faisal, Saudi Arabia: opportunities must be created in order to put in place education programs for women. Taking into consideration values and local traditions. She mentions bureaucracy as one obstacles slowing down the promotion of women.


First lady of Mozambique, Mrs Maria da Luz dai Guebuza. Educated women can influence all sectors of society. Unfortunately there are large numbers of uneducated adult women. Women work essentially in agriculture, trade and it is therefore important to create an institute that will provide training to women and promote their dignity to help them change their status in the society.




First lady of Burkina Faso, Mrs Chantal Compaore: She mentioned that there was 83% of uneducated women in Burkina Faso in 2007.She then said that educating women and helping them acquire skills in priority sectors was critical for a lasting development since women represent 52% of the population.


Africa Femmes Performantes Conclusions:


Patricia Faraut, President & Founder, Africa Femmes Performantes, Inc. Africa is now at the center of several world issues. Africa once”started badly”, and now the continent is “back” in business with full speed. It is time to act since actions speak louder than words. We believe that the creation of an institute promoting the dignity of women will not answer to the concrete problems in our continent. We are convinced that only education and greater participation of women in law making institutions can significantly promote them.



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