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les femmes leadres de la RDC se mobilsent pour la participation

Femmes congolaises et pouvoir politique, cinquante ans après l’indépendance, quel avenir ?”,  tel est le thème de la première conférence nationale des femmes congolaises qui s’est ouverte lundi à Kinshasa, au centre catholique Nganda.  Selon la Ligue des femmes congolaises pour les élections, LIFCE, qui organise ces assises, il sera question, pendant trois jours, de faire le bilan de la participation de la femme au pouvoir politique. La présidente de la LIFCE, Eve Bazaiba, a invité toutes les femmes à réfléchir afin de dégager les causes profondes de la faible participation des femmes au pouvoir politique et de proposer les stratégies pour y remédier.

L occasion sera donnée aux femmes engagées dans la politique active de faire la narration de leur vécu quotidien au sein des partis politiques. Les femmes de la société civile notamment les militantes pour les droits des femmes donneront leur appréciation sur les combats des femmes politiques. Alors que les femmes des entreprises et les femmes engagées dans la mobilisation des ressources financières parleront de leur vision sur l’ appui a l’engagement des femmes dans la politique.

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Respect for the cleaning workers

Respect for the cleaning workers

March 16th, 2010 ·

Respect for the cleaning workers

The cleaners  demonstrating at Utrecht Central Station

Thousands of cleaners working at Schiphol Airport, railway stations, hospitals and offices are on strike for better wages and respectable working conditions. The majority of cleaners are migrants. Cleaners are receiving minimal wages and are object of intimidation by the bosses. Companies like CSU, ASITO and HAGO are competing for contract with the railroads the airport and banks by exploiting their workforce.

cs-piket2The picket against striking breakers at Amsterdam Central Station

That is why the cleaners are not only striking but also targetting the contracting companies: they should be more to the cleaning companies, to stop the degrading wages and working conditions.

One tactic is to target undocumented workers. Some have been forces to work and were arrested by the Labour Inspection. Cleaning Company CSU has demanded all cleaners to present their papers.This is an act of intimidation and an attempt to create division among the cleaners. In response a goup of anarchist activists blocked the CSU office in Amsterdam urging workers to boycot the demand to show their papers.


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The cleaners at Amsterdam Central Station are on strike for respect and good wages. Since the 23rd of February a nation-wide strike is gaining momentum:  stations, public offices and Schiphol Airport are becoming dirty.

At Amsterdam CS the cleaning company CSU and NS are putting scabs to work. They have forced illegal migrants to work against their collegues. The union FNV responded by calling in the  Labour Inspection. This insitute however is focussed on chasing undocumented migrants. Two cleaners from Ghana were caught and put in detention on the prison boat of Zaanstad.

The Cleaners Union explicitly caters for migrants, with and without papers. The undocumenetd cleaners had been warned, the orgniser told us. And he promised to support them after their arrest.

M2M calls for support of all cleaners, with or without papers.

You can do this by leaving your dirt on the train and the station as long as the strike holds.


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